St. Pindola was one of the wisest disciples of Gotama Buddha called arahant (liberated being) or rakan in Japanese. He has achieved the highest level of sainthood with his supreme divine power. However, excelled in his mastering power, St. Pindola boasted to the people about having such power. His showy behavior as such finally made Buddha punish him to stay out side of the temple.

Apart from the legend, a seated statue of St. Pindora is occasionally installed just outside of a Buddhist architecture because of his legendary healing power. Illness or pain will be cured rubbing a part of the statue then touch the corresponding part. As a way for expressing thanks for his magical power, worshipers often offer a red cap and a bib assimilating Jizo Bosatsu Bodhisattva, who guards people standing also in the outside.

The statue of St. Pindora can be found at some well known temples around Nara Park though, visitors frequently overlook their presence and healing power. As this suggests, there are in fact much more things to see in Nara which has been famous for its notorious historical heritages. Nara is the place where Japan’s culture originates. Its relatively quiet authentic atmosphere doubles the appreciation of the real spirit of Japan. Extend your journey to a bit more farther to lesser known spots where rich stories behind embrace you. In doing so, your experience of Japan will truly be enriched.

‘Kanko’ is a Japanese word which is equivalent to journey, travel, or trip in English and it means to discovering the light of the country. The light truly impresses you is everywhere so extend your journey a bit farther!

Scenes of Nara: This website introduces various spots in Nara abstracting their cultural perspectives. Articles explore both well known and lessor visited sites of this prefecture with countless worthy visiting spots other than three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Guides and Tours

Guided tours are provided by Kenichi Nakatsu who is an official tourist guide interpreter of Nara Prefecture. Living in the north western edge of Nara Prefecture, Kenichi works as a guide specialized to introduce relatively unknown sites to overseas visitors. Special tours will be made according to the request. Queries and bookings, please contact Kenichi Nakatsu.


Important notices / terms and conditions

All guides will be operated in English. It is also possible to guide in Japanese either partially or wholly. This service may be useful for Japanese language learners. Note that I currently restrict maximum around ten people per one tour.

A guide fee is negotiable. The fee covers the guiding only and includes no additional expenses such as transportation, admission fees, course fees, meals, drinks, souvenirs etc. Please note that the guide fee must be paid in cash. Also note that spots we would visit often accept cash only and there will be no exchange counter nearby so prepare enough cash beforehand.

Kenichi Nakatsu shall not be liable or responsible for any injuries, damages or losses of guests occurred during, before and after the tour. Kenichi Nakatsu is also not liable or responsible for termination or cancellation of either part or whole of the tour.

When severe weather is in effect, tours will be canceled. Spots we visit are often located in hilly mountainous area, so we normally avoid operating tours on especially a heavy rainy day.


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